This network is right for you if you want to

Create and Grow as a personal or a professional brand

You’re passionate about marketing and sales

Further develop your skills and getting success

Collaborate and network with like-minded people

Joining the family/tribe that are working together to get things done

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Membership Pricing

When you become a member you receive 100% access to everything available in MarkeXchange. You will have access to all events, meetings, private social network, training courses, industry reports and whatever we add in future.

Joining the tribe opens a door to connect and network with other members online (through our community portal)
and offline through events and meetings.

NOTE: As the community grows, increase of price is likely. But, if you join now you’ll be never charged more.

What’s included with your membership

You GET 100% (Everything)

You’ll have full access to Community
Portal – and all of the members within.
(This is worth it on its own).

With your membership, you will receive everything we offer. There is no surprise up-sell or additional products/add-ons etc.

You have access to it all. MarkeXchange has no other products and we’ve built this to give everything to the tribe!

Courses, Posts, Events

Providing relevant trainings and skill improvement programs are one of our key objective. We are consistently adding relevant online courses. And all these are available to you as a member

Member also receives Certificate of Achievements on successfully completing each course.

Exclusive Bonuses

MarkeXchange conducts various industry research. We do this through our various internal programs and through strategic collaborations.

Access to Industry Insights and Reports are available only to members

What makes this community unique and valuable?

We’ve not found anything else like the MarkeXchange

Traditional mastermind groups cost upwards of $1000 yearly. Joining course can cost $500.
(We’ve seen some exceed the $10000). Meetup groups are inconsistent and don’t work around your schedule away.
Business coaching and mentoring are effective but not accessible and affordable for many of us.


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